About Us

SigmaSavvy is part of Apprentiice Learning Solutions.

The Apprentiice is a new-age platform that aims to empower individuals across the globe via online education and training. We envision spreading knowledge and developing expertise in generalized and specialized fields, that helps in enhancing skills to grow and excel in their career and related fields.

The Apprentiice visualizes that the flexible learning framework would allow individuals to develop new skills or enhance their existing skills without having to face the trouble of relocating to urban centers for the same. We, through online courses, envisage to enhance skills, in the same way, as a master would mentor his apprentice in a workshop.

We offer a holistic destination where an individual can access hundreds of massive open online courses (MOOCs) in technical, soft-skills, management and several other fields, which are instrumental in enhancing the skills of an individual.

The Apprentiice is the brainchild of a visionary team of experienced professionals including academicians, trainers and experts, who are equipped with decades of valuable experience and knowledge.