Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Practice Test


Interested in knowing if you are ready for your Yellow Belt Certification exam ?

What is Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification ?

Yellow Belt Certification is the first step of your journey towards mastering Lean Six Sigma. Professionals who are Yellow Belt certified work as team-members in the Lean Six Sigma Projects. They assist the Green Belt / Black Belt Team leaders in various stages of the project. They don’t champion the concepts , still have thorough understanding of the basic concepts of Lean Six Sigma.

Once you are done with your Yellow Belt, you can take up Green Belt and then Black Belt.

We provide Yellow Belt Certification and our course is accredited by Council for Six Sigma Certification. If you have not yet taken the course , take it now


We also provide Green Belt Certification , here is the link:


Here is what we cover in the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Program

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification – Syllabus

  • Introduction to Six Sigma
  • Introduction to Lean and the 7 wastes
  • Benefits of Adopting Lean Six Sigma
  • Role of Six Sigma professionals
  • How do Lean & Six Sigma Complement each other
  • Lean Temple
  • 5 Principles of Lean
  • Cost of Poor Quality concepts
  • Understanding variation
  • The Six Sigma Equation Y = f(x)
  • DMAIC cycle of Six Sigma
  • Key Lean & Six Sigma tools that  you can use
  • Tools / main conceots covered :
    • Define Phase : Project Charter, Voice of the Customer, SIPOC, CTQ (Critical to Quality)
    • Measure Phase : Selecting Measures, Data collection planning, Operational Definitions, Base-lining Data, Interpret Data
    • Analyze Phase : Pareto Charts, Process Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, FMEA (Failure Mode and effects Analysis)
    • Improve Phase : Creating Flow, Visual Management, Mistake Proofing (Poke Yoke)

Take this online Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt practice test to check your awareness level.

There are 35 questions in the test. Passing marks are kept at 80%. The questions are multiple choice , fill in the blank and true false type.

After you complete the test , you will get to know of your score.