Uncertainity in Measurement

Why this course on Measurement Uncertainty

Are you a calibration and testing professional or working in the field of research? This course explains the process of measurement of uncertainty. A measurement result is only complete if it is accompanied by a statement of the uncertainty in the measurement.

Measurement uncertainties can come from the measuring instrument, from the item being measured, from the environment, from the operator, and from other sources.

This course covers the process of measurement, the uncertainty and process of measurement of uncertaining as defined by The Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM).

At the end of the Measurement uncertaining training, You will :

  • Have knowledge and understanding about what is uncertainty and what it is not.
  • Understand how is it different from error,
  • Understand how to express uncertainty in measurement.
  • Un-cover some of the facts about Uncertainty and
  • Understand how to measure.

Key Highlights of the course

  • Learn at your place , at your pace
  • Expert Support
  • Completion Certificate at the end of the Course

Is this Course right for you?

Understanding Uncertainty is important if you are involved in any kind of measurement, be it product or process parameters measurement.

Thus, Quality Professionals, people involved in laboratories , Process Engineers, Calibration Engineers will greatly benefit from this course


  • Science / Engineering Graduate
  • Appreciation of the importance of measurement
  • Basic understanding of measurement
  • Ability to grasp new concepts
  • Ideally be a Process Engineer, Quality Engineer or a Laboratory Personnel

Exam & certification

This is a awareness program, no exam is conducted at the end of this course.
A certificate of awareness is issued after you complete the course

Course contents

  • What is a measurement and what measurement is not
  • What is uncertainty of measurement?
  • Error versus uncertainty
  • Why is uncertainty of measurement important?
  • Basic statistics on sets of numbers
  • The general kinds of uncertainty in any measurement


How is your course Different from other providers?

After completing the course, you will be able to differentiate between error and uncertainty. Our course will give you the required understanding in a crisp manner. It is created in such a manner that it’s easy to follow and you don’t need to be statistics expert to understand the course.
What is the cost of examination?
There is no exam after this course.

What kind of certification do you provide?
Certification is provided by Apprentiice Learning Solutions.

How do I enroll and pay?

This is a free course, just click the enroll now button. It will take you to our learning management system. Register there and get started.

Could you help me design my career path?
We have a free expert support to help professionals in creating a fulfilling career by learning new skills. Please leave a message at the chat-box.

Instructor bio

Madhuri Gauba is an industry Veteran, with about 2 decades of work-ex. She is Black Belt from ASQ and Master Black Belt from Indian Statistical Institute. She has mentored several Green Belt projects and delivered many sessions on Green Belt and Yellow Belt. She is certified Lead Auditor for IMS (Integrated Management Systems)

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Learner's Reviews

  • Kulbhushan Kaul

    First, I took Lean Six Yellow Belt Program , I found it very good & then I took the Green Belt.

    I am very much impressed with the design of course materials. The presentations are very specific, simple and to the point. I believe SigmaSavvy would groom as a highly professional training center in the coming times.

  • Ritu Gakher, Works with Sapient

    I took the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Program at SigmaSavvy.com and it was a great experience.Initially, I was skeptical about the online training, but the way it’s designed, it’s awesome. I have been able to use the learning in my day-to-day working. Good Stuff !

  • Neha, Works with RBS

    I took the LSS Yellow Belt Program offered by SigmaSavvy. Initially I was not sure if the concepts would be clear through a online course, but that was not the case, the course has been written very nicely and if I had questions, I had the access to the SigmaSavvy Expert.

  • Harikesh Verma, Works with Nagarro

    Wonderful course on Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. The best part was the exam, which was case study based. It not only helped me know where I stand in terms of my knowledge, but also stimulated my thinking process. Kudos to Team Apprentiice!!

  • Richa, Works with Tech Mahindra

    I took the Course the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course. After taking the Course, I could make significant improvements in the processes that I am working on.

  • Apoorv Agarwal, Works with HongKong Airlines

    I took the Certified Manager of Quality Course . The course is  great and provides practical insights into the topics.

    After taking the course – Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence , I wrote the ASQ exam and passed it. i got access to the Experts from SigmaSavvy whenever I needed.

  • Roedolf Mias Coetzer, Works with Toastmasters International

    Excellent courses on Environment, Health & Safety.



  • Shivani Tyagi, Works with Johnson Matthey

    I took the ISO 14001:2015 Foundation Program at SigmaSavvy. Initially, I was skeptical whether online course would be useful or not …then I saw the 7 day , money-back guarantee and I enrolled.

    The course has been created amazingly well, with lots of examples . I also got a ppt and some formats for Internal and External Issues analysis along with the course .With the help of this course and the other material provided, I trained people in my organization and implemented the new standard. Kudos to the SigmaSavvy Team !

  • Melissa Beveridge

    Visually this was very easy to follow and understand. Great training on Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.