Zero Risk for you

When you join our course and decide to bring out your wallet, this single leap of faith is an appreciation for the effort I put into bring all my courses and learning material.

I totally understand and agree that you are here for learning and not for taking refund for what you signed up just now. My vision is to create an easy to access and interactive learning material for quality, process and six sigma professionals, earning money is not the goal, it’s just a necessary byproduct of your trust on me.

I offer a 7 day unconditional refund policy for all my learning material. You get 7 days to evaluate everything in my course. Just drop a one liner if you are not happy, I will refund the whole money, No questions asked.


How soon I will get my money back?
Ans – We will process your refund on the same day when we receive your request. Its upto the banking system. Generally it takes 3-5 working days for the money to reflect in your account.

Will I still be able to access the course?
Ans – If you are asking for a refund, it would be safe to assume that you did not like the course quality and would never come back. Still I will not immediately block access. You can access the content you purchased and its fine.

Will I have to clarify over phone or email as to why I need refund?
Ans – No, We will never call you to convince you not to take refund. But we may still be in touch with you to understand what made you request a refund. This is just to help us improve quality of what we offer. You will still get your money.

Can I take more courses from you if I have taken a refund once?
Ans – Off course, For us you are always a valuable learner and will remain so. We will welcome you to explore our future courses and you will still be secured under 7 day money back policy.

What If someone abuses this policy and keep taking your content for free?
Ans – We are aware and settled with this risk. As soon as someone is learning by doing so, we don’t mind 🙂